Dr.Spencer Jones

Dear Friend, I am Spencer Jones. I believe there is atleast some area of life that needs to be changed in each and every one of your life. I am no different. I am looking forward to changing my life. And I wanted to keep a log of my change here for you to see. That’s how One Changed Life is born.

There are lots of areas you can change. So what do I want to change ? What I am looking forward to is an overall transformation, in my faith, in my health, in my business life, in the way I interact with people, in the way I spend my time, in the books I read and so on. The links you above are the areas that I am looking forward to change in my own life. Planning will be where all my plans for achieving my goals will go.

Areas I want to change.

Faith – I want to improve my personal relationship with God, which will be the key to every other achievements in life. Without it, none of the other areas will work out, that’s why Faith is placed at the very first. If you would like to know how to get started in this area. Please go to the Getting Started page.

Health – I want to lose weight and improve my health by regular exercise and healthy easting habits, which I will be covering in Health.

Business – At first I thought about breaking it in to two categories – online and offline, but then decided to create a sub category and name it internet business. This is where my online and offline business goals will be addressed.

Social – I am not a very social person, meaning I don’t form groups and teams wherever I go. And I don’t usually take the initiative to go meet people in an event or occasion. And I barely go to social events where I have the opportunity of meeting more people. But I would like to change that. And this is where my social goals will go.

Travel – I am someone who love to visit places, go sight seeing, go for vacations etc. But I haven’t had much opportunity to do that. But it’s all going to change and this is where all my travels will go.

Reading – I always wanted to read and learn many new things. But I rarely read books, the only reading I do is online. I want to change that. I will be reading books on topics like business, management, biographies, biblical etc. So all my readings will go here.

So what I am looking for is an overall transformation, and a better living. Will I be able to finish the journey well ? To be open, I don’t know. Because I am a human and can’t even predict if I will be alive tomorrow. I give it all in God’s hands. And I know that I am safe in His hands and that with God all things are possible.

In the end the whole purpose of life is about running the race and finishing the course that God intended for your life. And that’s what I am aiming for.

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